Common Thing among the Richest Person

There are people who become famous due to their talents, but others become famous due to their wealth. Some are born rich as they inherit the wealth from their families, while others inherit it from their parents and that makes them billionaires.

Below are 3 of the wealthiest in the world:

Bill Gates


He is the founder of Microsoft and this has made his life worth billions. The company makes him a lot of cash and his net worth is estimated at $79.2 billions. He also invests in selling shares from his company to add more to what he is getting. His succession plan includes his CEO’S, board members and founders to each have a succession plan of their own.

Carlos Slim Helu


He is the second richest man with his net worth being estimated at $77.2 billions. He is the chairman of America Movil where he and his children own the largest share of the company. He created telecom and it continues to pay him a lot of money and he works with his children. He also has listed real estate where he paid a lot and became the biggest stake holder of New York Times with 17%. His succession plan is very simple as he has six children and he works with them. He has assigned each of them duties and responsibilities making it easier for them to manage the company on their own.

 Li Ka-Shing


He is listed as Asia’s richest guy for the past 15 years. His companies have really done well and he recently came up with a new plan. He decided to separate his real estate assets from his huge business empire as this would help investors choose what they want easily. The companies are believed to give him a lot in addition to the real estate making him an estimated net worth of $70. He is believed to pave way for his eldest son as his succession plan to take over.


They all become rich due to different factors but they have something in common in them and that is is a well thought out wealth management plan. Being rich is one thing but it needs a succession plan to execute it. Without this, the business could collapse in a few months or years after the owner leaves or dies. It should be planned with care as it can affect and destroy everything including a family. The richest guys all have a succession plan as they know this is what will make their empires run for many more generations.