What Does A Beauty Course Entail Of?

Beauty therapists can be defined as experts in both the therapeutic, facial, and body care. They also have a deep understanding of body systems and skin biology. Hence, for one to be able to attend to clients beauty needy needs well, a beauty therapist must successfully take a beauty course in Singapore. The article below outlines what a beauty course entails.

Basic Hair cutting, Design, and Artistry

This is the entry level and students are taught about styling and cutting. They are introduced to the types of combs, scissors, hair clippers, and razor types. Styling techniques and hair finishing styles are also introduced at this stage. Lastly, students are able to understand the haircut styles lengths allowed for both female and male clients.


This level is all about a normal salon service. It involves the foundation of physiology and anatomy and basis of sanitation and infection control. Cosmetology level also entails application of makeup, skincare services, nail science as well as facials. Students are also taught about when and how to use the shampoo and conditioner as well how to style the hair.

Hair Coloring Techniques

Students learn about proper application and formulation of the hair color. This is an advanced skill and it is done in the middle of the cosmetology program. The student’s competency is assessed by how they master both the temporary and permanent hair colors.

Salon Operations

Students, at this stage, learn about customer care, accounting skills and daily operations of the salon which are experiences required in salons operation. In addition, they are equipped with health and safety regulations, ethical practices, and relevant laws that come in handy when operating a salon.

Chemical Reformation Techniques

At this stage, students are taught on chemical and treatment applications. Students are advised to have a better knowledge of working with all hair types before they learn the chemical processes at this stage requires the deeper understanding of chemical techniques. Lastly, students learn on how to straighten the hair chemically and on which shampoo and conditioner to use on a texturized hair.

In conclusion, once a student is through with a beauty course, they are entitled to a good career in the flourishing and ever growing beauty industry.