Corporate Training: Public Speaking Skills For Your Success


We all know that great leaders seem to have a way with words. When they speak, they transmit their vision so powerfully it inspires action. But let’s be honest: it’s not just the content of their speech, it’s the way they say it, with both verbal an non-verbal cues of authority. And although you may think this caliber of public speaking is something some of us are born with, the good news is, it can be learned, practiced and honed just like any other ability. And with the right training, you can use public speaking to propel your ideas and career to unimaginable heights.

But first, let’s unpack the concept of public speaking. At its core, it is simply the ability to effectively translate information to a group of people. So at a certain level, we all already know how to do it. When we talk to family over dinner or catch up with friends and neighbors, we are engaged in public speaking of sorts. Sure, the audience may be smaller and the information less technical, but we all have an ability to use words to express our thoughts and thinking. The difference between this kind of communication and public speaking at a corporate level is really just a matter of skill and confidence. And because confidence comes with mastering skill, the art of public speaking is simply the result of practical knowledge and regular practice.

In today’s fast-paced and complex world, effective communication is more important than ever and forward thinking organizations are strongly committed to investing time and training in their future leaders. They understand that it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Because successful public speaking is both an art and a science, there are public speaking strategies and skill sets to powerfully persuade and inspire. Even better, most corporate training Singapore on public speaking also covers non-verbal communication (facial expressions, gestures and body language) that have a powerful effect on influencing and inspiring audiences.

If you’re committed to advancing your career to the next level, honing your public speaking from Speech Academy Asia is a great way to do it. And chances are, your company will be happy to help you gain the skills and confidence to help you succeed!

finding-jobs The Best Job Recruitment Site Out There

I have used a lot of job searching sites and i have to say is by far the best and that’s because they’re different. If you’re an employer they help you keep costs down by letting you post your job listing completely free. In that same vein they only keep each listing up for two weeks meaning that potential employees only see the most recent jobs available while others show you jobs that have been up for months and no one is sure if the job is still available or not. If a potential candidate contacts you everything you need to check their resume and keep in contact with them is right at your finger tips which makes finding the perfect employee for you completely hassle free.

This free jobs posting site also has a listing of services that makes it not only different but the best out there. You can list and update your professional background as well as any achievements that you want any potential employees to see. That way you attract only the people you want working for you. They also let you create your own job positions with the specific professional skills and job requirements you need in the position you’re hiring for. Another awesome feature is the ability for employers who need short term help to post project based job positions. It’s almost identical to the regular job positions you can create with a big difference being the time frame you want to hire the individual for. Of course you can view the status of applications you have and choose to accept or reject a candidate. You can also schedule an interview or add them to the shortlist of people you are interested in. The same is true for any applications you have available for project based positions as well. Want to purchase a resume that fits your company’s specific criteria? JobQuest has the option of purchasing resumes through any one on of their accredited sources.

Yes there are many options for employers to use in order to find the perfect employee but JobQuest365 has the tools you need to make it easier and faster to find exactly who you need exactly when you need them.


How to Find a Great Events Management Company

Whether you are a company or an individual, choosing to hire an event management company is a great way to make sure your event, celebration or occasion goes with a bang. These are specialists in organizing events and taking care of every detail on your behalf. Just some of the events that they can organize include product launches, workshops, ceremonies, and conferences. If you require the services of an events management company, then here is how you can find the right company to meet your needs bought to you by Circus Max.

Ask for Recommendations

If you know other people who have hosted events in the past, then the first step to take is to speak to them. Find out about the good and bad experiences they have had and ask who they would recommend to you.

Read Online Reviews

The Internet is a great resource for finding out about companies. Search for reviews of companies you are considering hiring. However, it is important not to simply rely on the reviews posted on their own web pages as these may be handpicked and biased.

Can They Meet Your Needs?

Try to meet directly with a representative from several different event management companies. Outline what you are looking for and ask questions to ensure that the company can meet your needs. If you have any specific requirements, now is the time to bring them up and see how the representative reacts to your requests.

See Portfolios

A decent event management company will have portfolios that show examples of their previous work. Ask to see some of the most recent events they have managed or some that are similar to the one you are planning. This should give you some idea of what a company can achieve and if they are a good fit for you.

Think About Cost

Cost is one of the most significant factors when choosing to hire the services of any company. However, cheaper is not always better as you get what you pay for. Take the time to compare packages from different companies and decide who offers the best value for money within your budget.

Using an event management company is a great way to make sure you host a successful event and achieve the results you were hoping for. Using these tips can help you to find the best company for you.


How To Master Chinese

When it comes to learning a new language, choosing the correct learning methodology always has its inherent benefits. Simply put, you can reduce your time to dialect mastery, and you are also able to learn the language with significant results. An excellent suggestion for most learners at such of a point in time would be to consider some of the notable benefits of learning the language through tuition like Chinese Edge. The following are some tips worth taking into account before becoming mastering the Chinese language through tuition

How to master Chinese

Go for experienced tutors

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your learning regime will rely on your ability to select an experienced tutor. This is because an experienced instructor has more than sufficient experience required to kick start your learning system and where you need to correct mistakes for long lasting results.

Have a positive mindset

Another important aspect of becoming better at Chinese with tuition is that you have to embrace a positive mindset. In other words, while Chinese dialect may be more sophisticated than the conventional languages, you need to take on a positive mindset that it will be a smooth and simple learning process for you.

Practice often

Aside from the tuition lesson that you will be going for, you also need to engage in a self-initiated practicing as a way of boosting your learning results. For instance, some of the suggestions for you would be to speak with members of the Chinese culture or perhaps try and catch up with some Chinese TV shows as well.


Finally, given all these points, settling for Chinese Tuition is an excellent investment for anyone who want to explore more opportunities in life and for those who also want to enhance their I.Q as well. This is because tuition provides you with exclusive information and unique learning methods to ensure that your learning curve follows a positive tangent.


Reasons why you should opt wooden crates


Affordable prices

Wooden crates are more pocket-friendly as compared to the plywood boxes. The wooden crates are cheap that you will defiantly go for them. The cost you can use in constructing the wooden crates is less than the one used in making any other crate. The material that you will use to build your wooden crate is natural, simpler and during its processing it requires less. Therefore, the total cost to sell and manufacture wooden crates is less.


According to how the wooden crate Singapore are made whatever that is in the crates cannot be accessed easily. This factor is important since it ensures that everything is safe up to its destination. These can be valuable and fragile items. These crates offer extra security.

Requires fewer resources

In the process of manufacturing, wooden crates use fewer resources, which are very simple because they only need wood and at times use nails to make up a complete crate. The wooden crates use fewer resources compared to the plywood boxes, which uses multiple types of equipment and materials being produced, which include addictive and toxic glues to enhance.

Simple and natural designs

When building a wooden crate, it requires less investment in the manufacturing stage because definitely, the models being used are straightforward. They can easily be learned, and you can manufacture your crates using any design. They are efficient and easy to build according to the customers design.

Easy to stack them up

Wooden crates have walls that are thick which make it easier for stacking. They are durable with high strength and withstand the weight put on by multiple rows. If they are carefully and correctly stack, they can withstand the pressure so long as it is evenly distributed.

Non-toxic ingredients

Wooden crates are entirely made up of natural materials. The materials used are not toxic and are environment-friendly since they cannot cause any harm to the people who manufacture or even those who build the wooden crates.


Four Secrets When Choosing a Movers Company

Moving is a very expensive and stressful experience which can quickly turn into a nightmare if not care. Sometimes it is hard to move or pack all by yourself due to the crazy job schedule. Therefore one will need to outsource a reputable moving company.

How to choose the best movers company

  • The first step is looking for reputable companies on the internet, look for companies that have been operating for more than ten years and do not choose a moving broker. Another way you can look for a local mover company with the help of real estate agents. Once you have the companies names, check for their availability and reviews from the previous customers and narrow them to at least four.
  • The second step is setting up appointments with those companies. Have them visit your house to determine how much they will charge. If different companies offer different quotes, inquire why they are charging more. One company might be offering extra services that another does not. Investigate if the company will be doing the moving itself or it will delegate to another company. If they subcontract, do not hire them. When you find the perfect company to use, visit their offices. Make sure all their moving trucks are marked with the companies name, also check their storage facilities. Movers have vehicles with magnetic sign names attached to the vehicle.
  • Thirdly choose the company with the best prices. Do not choose a company that bases its price on cubic feet. Do not sign a blank paperwork, or one that has not been explained. Read and understand the agreement. Remember the law requires every mover’s company to provide a booklet about “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”
  • Lastly, get as much information about the company. Know their email address, call their references, physical address, phone number and full company name. Ask them about the insurance policy they have to protect your property Call the safety violation and consumer offices to ask if there have been any complaints about the company. Contract and peoples experience with the company. People are very helpful and respond very quickly.

Courier Services from Foot to Flight

The idea of fast mail and package delivery first came about in the old west with the Pony Express in 1859. That mail and package delivery was on horseback. The American Messenger Service delivered packages and mail by foot, and the longer distance deliveries done on bicycles. Founded in 1907 in Seattle by James Casey with the loan from his friend of $100, the American Messenger Service later became United Parcel Service. By 1913, they had acquired a delivery car. It was a Model, T Ford. Expanding operations to California, they took their first steps outside of Seattle in 1919. UPS developed the idea of conveyor belt sorting in 1924. In 1929, they started air service to shorten delivery times, and by 1965 they were expanding internationally.

Some courier services like JoyPorter in Singapore specialized in same-day package delivery. A few like DHL, Federal Express, and U.S. Cargo and delivery became very successful in the United States, and by the 1970’s thousands of different courier services sprang up in different cities around the United States and foreign countries.

All that was needed was to hire people, who had cars, and then they supplied them with a radio, and they could accomplish same day delivery in a large city. The same idea could be carried out in a county or a tri-city area. The business began to boom for couriers everywhere, and as it became a more successful way for entrepreneurs to start successful businesses more and more courier services sprang up. Now courier services are in most towns in the U.S.A. They offer career opportunities for millions. Companies like DHL, UPS, and Federal Express are international couriers and courier services range in modern society from local to state, to national, and to international.

Many businesses depend on same day delivery of parcels. Lawyers use courier services for subpoenas, summons and to inform other law services of important actions not discussed over open phones. Couriers are trusted to carry money, jewels, and secrets. Courier services have helped business and governments with precious cargo undeliverable in another way. Some merchandise like radioactive materials must be handled in a specific manner to avoid dangerous contamination. Other materials like auto parts are shipped in bulk and are time sensitive shipments. Everything from flowers to pharmaceuticals comes from businesses for courier delivery. Some couriers are so busy that they make 200 drop-offs in 3 hours. The courier business has become a world-renowned profession from the single carrier delivering a single package on foot. In just over a hundred years, courier services have taken a global foothold.


The Need To Help Your Child Via Implementing Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the health profession that is able to offer to your child treatment that will prove to be truly a life changing experience over time for your child. Those in the speech therapy profession provide the necessary support and care to children and even to adults who unfortunately are dealing with various difficulties in relation to communication. Those in this health industry of speech therapy are in the habit of relating closely with parents, teachers, caregivers, doctors, nurses and other professionals that are in close contact with the child in order to keep them informed of the child’s progress and to discuss what the child needs to work on, etc.

The sooner that it is detected that your child has a speech problem, the sooner the services of a speech therapist should be implemented in order to be able to help your child. You may notice your child’s problem or a teacher may point out the concern about your child’s speech to you in a parent teacher meeting if the teacher has noticed some things.

A child may have problems with articulation. He or she may experience great difficulty in producing the sounds that form the syllables of a word. Or a child may say a word so incorrectly to the degree that those around him or her do not know what the child is trying to say.

A child may also stutter which causes the normal flow of speech to be bombarded with stops and partial repetitions of words, or the child may even prolong the sound and syllables of various words in an unacceptable manner. Sometimes a child suffers from difficulties in relation to pitch, volume or quality of the voice that cause a distraction to what the child is saying, which makes it hard for the child to communicate effectively and to be adequately understood.

If a child has any of these conditions as mentioned above, then there is not point in delaying the consulting the services of a speech therapist, as your child will truly benefit from the consultations. It will take time, patience and lots of hard work. But it will truly be worth it.



Vedic Math Makes Learning Fun

Vedic math is a new sensation, but it has been around for thousands of years. It was developed in India, and its concepts can be traced back to the Vedas, which is an ancient Hindu writing. Bharati Krishna Tirthaji published a book exploring Vedic math, in 1965. It is divided into 16 sutras or books, and each has its methods. The math practice has gained popularity in the past few years as a fun, effective alternative to regular math. Supporters of Vedic math list the following as significant advantages:

  • There are many different method options for solving math problems. Students can choose the one best for them.
  • Fewer rules than traditional math. Math problems are addressed from the left or the right. Rules for addition and subtraction are also used for multiplication and division.
  • This method is fun, according to students who use it. Students can even devise their mental methods or tricks.
  • Congruent rules and methods allow students to write problems in several different ways.
  • Students who disliked math before enjoy it now. For example, JN Prakash, who is 15 years old, solved additions of 10 pairs of 10 rows and ten columns in a world record breaking 2 minutes and 30 secs.
  • There is a class available online called “Magical Method,” that uses a game based version for Vedic math.

Besides making it easier to learn maths for kids, there are developmental and academic advantages to Vedic math:

  • It helps kids improve mental agility and skills, which in turn will help students in other areas of learning, such as science. It also helps with standardized testing.
  • This method of math helps children grasp concepts faster and retain them longer.
  • Vedic math is flexible and adapts easily into already established courses of study.
  • What works for solving one type of math, such as multiplication, also works for square roots, cube roots, and fractions.
  • Training in Vedic math can allow a 3rd grader to solve a problem like 98×97 in 5 seconds, a feat that most adults could not accomplish.

Vedic math, (also called “mental math” or “trick math”), has many supporters. Because of its simplicity, it fits comfortably into the ever changing landscape of the school systems. Singapore Math has long been considered one of the weaker areas in student learning and many children just simply don’t like math. Vedic math is changing this perception by making math fun and children master it quickly. This skill builds confidence in students and helps them to enjoy learning.


Business Consulting Firms – Why You Should Give a Thought


A consulting firm is any business consisting of one or more consultants or experts that offer professional advice and strategy to an organization or company for a fee. Typically, the role of a consulting firm is to provide specialized expertise and knowledge to every client seeking assistance. There are various types of consulting companies that serve different niche sectors from management, legal, financial to marketing consulting services. One such example is Golden Equator Consulting.


Have you ever thought of integrating a third party who will come and guide you in making choices in your business? Here are some of the services a good consulting firm can offer:

Best brand building strategies

Consultation firms are capable of creating new brand identity and positioning or repositioning it to fit its niche market. This increases awareness and attractiveness of the product creating a healthy competition.

Provide paperwork needed for your venture

It might be tiresome to follow all the steps required to run a new business. Consulting firms have knowledge of registration procedure and can process your papers within the shortest time possible at an affordable fee. In addition, they can analyse and determine the kind of equipment and manpower you will require.

Offer retainer services

After a business has been established, consultant firms can streamline processes for easier achievement of target. They’ll always work with you in developing new methods that will improve business performance and attract more customers which will yield more income.

Offer an honest assessment of your business

With many years of experience, consultants can provide invaluable advice regarding your business; practices which you’re doing wrong and which do work, and they also know your competition very well. They’ll offer better suggestions on performance as a new business person.


Operating a business demands some kind of direction from consultation firms. Hiring a great consultant or expert can do wonders for your business, and this will allow you to compete with industry leaders and finally be one of them. So, get help from experts today!


What Are Door Gifts and How To Choose The Perfect Favor


The door gifts market is ever-expanding, and more people are choosing to give these tokens to their guests at a number of occasions. But what exactly are door gifts? And what sort of things can you give?

What Are Door Gifts?

Door gifts Singapore are simply small tokens of appreciation given to guests at an event to thank them for coming. Like wedding favors, they are presented to every person in attendance and generally reflect the theme of the occasion.

At What Sort Of Events Can Door Gifts Be Given?

Door gifts are given at a wide range of occasions, including birthday parties, weddings, engagements, anniversary parties and engagements.

What Are Important Considerations When Giving A Door Gift?

When choosing door gifts for your special occasion, you will want to select something that will help the guest remember the event fondly. The favor should be a memorable token that complements the theme of your event and is of good quality. Although you need not spend a lot of money, it is important that the gift itself is adequate to create the right impression and to convey your thanks and appreciation to the recipient. You could include a personal note which expresses your gratitude to the guest for their attendance at your occasion and you should also pay attention to the colours chosen. Most occasions on which you will give door gifts are happy events, and as such you should select bright and cheerful shades like red, gold, pink and silver.

What Sort Of Gifts Can Be Given?

Door gifts should generally be small and portable, yet still have some attractive or useful function. Some of the best ideas for door gifts include wine bottle stoppers, luggage tags, personalised coasters, small yet attractive boxes of candy or chocolates, small decorative cupcakes presented in stylish boxes or pretty yet practical key chains for each guest.


4 Advantages to Hiring a Tax Filing Company


IRS rules change from year to year and if you aren’t aware of how these laws will affect your tax situation, it’s very likely that you will benefit from hiring a company to provide tax services Singapore. These professionals can get you all of the credits and deductions you deserve while offering sound tax advice for the future.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional tax company. Below, we give you a detailed explanation of how these professionals can give you the most bang for your buck this tax season.

Tax Professionals Know the Laws

If you have gotten married, had a child or run your own business, you are most likely to benefit from seeking tax help from a qualified professional. Experts can help you get the highest refund while taking the burden of filing off of your hands.

 Tax Pros Can Get You Deductions You May Not Know About

Did you know that if you run a home based business, there’s a deduction for a home office? Do you know how to calculate the percentage of rent/mortgage and utilities you can claim as a deduction? Your tax filing company knows all of these answers and more. Seeking the help of a tax pro can help you get the best possible refund while getting you every deduction of which you’re entitled.

Tax Forms Can Be a Headache

It’s true – tax forms can be headache inducing. If you are like most people, you either don’t want to wade through a plethora of tax forms or you just don’t have time. In order to avoid migraines and save some time, hiring a tax filing company is the key to less stress during tax season.

Tax Filing Companies Can Help in Case of an Audit

If you think that the IRS might come knocking on your door, consider the advantages that come along with hiring a third party company to help you. While your signature is on the bottom line of the IRS form, these professionals can assist you in the event of an audit.

In conclusion, complicated tax forms are best left to the professionals who have spent countless hours educating themselves on the tax code. These companies know where to find you the greatest amount of deductions and want to get you the highest refund possible. Trust your taxes to those who have studied the laws and can offer their help if the IRS decides to audit you.