Events Staffing

Cleaning for a major event requires organizational capability, a dedicated workforce, and a comprehensive plan for execution.

Whether it is at an arena, conference center or an event hall, you will want to maintain a clean appearance for your venue before, during and after any special event to maximize the enjoyment of your guests.

At Creative Maintenance Systems, we have the right combination of people, processes and procedures to complete the job effectively, specializing in providing a wide range of event cleaning services across a variety of venues. We are proud to partner with our clients to tailor our programs with regard to staffing levels, skill requirements and specific resources needed to ensure a seamless event.

Professional Services Include:

  • Keeping common areas clean
  • Collecting trash
  • Policing exterior area
  • Monitoring and cleaning restrooms
  • Cleaning dining areas
  • Event setup / tear down
  • Parking lot cleanup

Partner with CMS for a Clean, Safe and Well-Maintained Facility

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