At Creative Maintenance Systems, we take great pride in the exceptional relationships we have built with our clients across a broad range of industries.

We support our clients with comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and landscaping programs that can be customized to enhance the professional appearance of your facility and support a healthy and safe work environment.

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, brand image is especially critical as customers are assessing the reputation of the business as a financial partner.  When your clients enter your building, all consumer touch points need to look fresh, clean and project an image of professional competence.

Educational Facilities

Providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for people to learn is an important priority for educational institutions and it  presents challenges not faced in other facilities.  Without a clean environment, there is a higher risk of spreading harmful germs and bacteria in common areas such as classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, bathrooms and hallways with high pedestrian traffic.

Corporate Offices

There are many benefits of working in a consistently clean environment.  With a clean office space, it is an opportunity for your business to provide a positive first impression by showing clients that you value their business and are committed to their health and well-being.   Additionally, studies show that maintaining cleanliness in the workplace increases the professionalism and motivation of employees as well as promoting a healthy workplace.

Industrial Complexes

Few spaces face the kinds of cleaning challenges found in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and other industrial workplaces. In a heavy-duty environment, industrial-grade cleaning is essential to keeping workers safe and productive.

Healthcare Facilities

Proper healthcare facility cleaning is vital in today’s world.  With concerns about Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs) reaching a peak, this has driven an even sharper focus on the critical importance of healthcare facility cleanliness.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are some of the most challenging locations to service.  There are areas designated for athletes which are ripe for fungi, viruses, bacteria, and the infection MRSA.  In addition, there are spectator areas where the level of cleanliness must equate to that of a retail store.  Finally, in many cases, food preparation and consumption are also located on the premises, requiring special sanitization needs.

Grocery Stores

For grocery stores, the vital difference between a clean environment and a dirty one could determine whether someone is a one-time customer or a lifelong customer.  Shopping in a clean environment is even more significant for these customers because the products they buy are coming into their own home and feeding their own families.

Retail Services

In the retail industry, a pristine appearance is imperative to provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.  From major retailers to local boutiques, a business’s reputation is built the minute a shopper first enters the store.


When a customer walks into a restaurant, arguably the first thing they recognize is the level of cleanliness, which could easily make or break a business.  Having a clean restaurant and a well-maintained exterior appearance creates an inviting atmosphere, provides safer working conditions, and can reduce the risk of cross-contamination.


For a cleanroom to have superior contamination control, it is necessary to ensure an exceptionally clean environment where pollutants like aerosol particles, dust and airborne microbes are filtered out.  If not maintained properly, contaminants can compromise product quality, potentially resulting in halted production for electronics, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, aerospace or other high-tech products that depend on cleanroom technology.

Construction Cleanup

There is immense pride when completing construction work on a building after many months or years of work. That final cleaning can make a significant and positive first impression to the owners as they conduct their walkthrough.

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